Seasonal regimen - Hemantha, Shishira, vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, sharat
Season: Vasantha rutu (Spring) वसन्त ऋतु

Time- February 22 to April 22
Temperature - approximately 20 to 30o c
Seasons climate - As cold recedes frozen snow starts to melt, and plants start to bloom
Change in the body - Body also shows changes, in the form of changed physiology. Body fluids expand, heat stimulates skin and Kapha stars to melt. Note this variety of change is seen in the body when ever a person enters a hot climate from a cold climate; it may be a/c room to outside or cold country to tropical country. Unfortunately it is the dust or country that is blamed not the physiology. Oozing of body fluids and changes created by that in the body is the triggering factor of the diseases.
Probable diseases- Diarrhoea, asthama(breathing difficulty), nasal bleeding, eruptive fevers, diseases of chest, throat and head, jaundice etc.
Food - Principle : Food articles which have sweet and bitter taste should be used. Along with food exercise and body massage with powder of triphala or fasting in the night is advisable(Skipping dinner).
Monocotyledon : Old rice, wheat, jower, old monocotyledons
Dicotyledons - Bengal gram , green gram, horse gram,
Oil : -
bitter gourd, snake gourd, horse radish, root vegetables like Amarphophallus, leaf vegetable like radish leaf, snake gourd leaf, Tinospora, Pongamia, other vegetable with bitter taste and carminative properties should be used.
Non- vegetarian - leg Soup, goat meat, camel meat, meat of dove, rabbit etc; also alcoholic beverages which are prepared from honey, grapes, sugarcane in very less quantity.
Contra indicated food- new monocotyledons, gingly, vegetable which create mucilage when soaked, vegetable which have more of water in them, raw fruits, meat of fat animals (like pig), aquatic animals, chilled water, food prepared by fermentation.
Fruits- dry fruits like date, grapes, figs, amla, mango, myrobalan.
Regimen- All above food become health promotive if person exercises daily. Hot water for bath and massage with medicated powders is advisable after exercise. For drinking water either zinger, catechu, sandalwood paste, musta, Pterocarpus, honey, old wine etc are to added in minute quantity 2 to 5 gms for 1 liter of boiling water.
Food preparation procedure- food preparation should contain mustard, garlic, pepper, asafoetida, turmeric, buttermilk, etc should not be watery like rasam. Prepared food should be in semisolid form. It should not be too waters nor too dry. Material used should support life style of the person.
Exceptions -
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