Seasonal regimen - Hemantha, Shishira, vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, sharat
Season Shishira (Deep Winter)

Time- December 22 to February 22
Temperature 0o c to 13 o c
Seasons climate- drop in temperature, Snow fall to ice formation
Change in the body- Due to cold peripheral circulation decreases and appetite increases.
Probable diseases- Skin diseases, cough, cold.
Food Principle : Food articles which are heavy for digestion, contains more of protein, increases or supports peripheral circulation is to be used.
Monocotyledon- New Monocotyledons
Dicotyledons - All varieties
Oil - Locally grown oil-seed oil
Vegetable- More of root vegetable, leaves along with pulses,; which are heavy for digestion like carrot, sweet potato,
Non - Vegetarian - Fish, chicken, sheep, goat, pork, seafood, whale etc.
Fruits - Which are heavy for digestion; like apple, jack fruit, grape, guava, badam etc.
Contra indicated food- Old monocotyledons, mucilaginous vegetables like lady's finger, spinach, items which are bitter in taste like bitter gourd.
Regimen- All above food are safe only if exercise is done regularly, vigorously and to whole body. Oil should be applied to whole body. Exercise should preferably be followed by body massage with medicated powders. Warm cloths should be worn when going out. Body should be properly covered while going out. Night dinner should be early and getting up slightly late and breakfast is early. Early dinner, early sleep, slightly late getting up and early breakfast in the rule of winter.
Food preparation procedure- More oil should be used in food than other seasons.