Seasonal regimen - Hemantha, Shishira, vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, sharat
Season: Varsha rutu (Rain) वर्ष ऋतु  
Seasonal regimen of this season applies only if rainy season starts after intense and consistent high temperature. If there is a drop in temperature or rain comes in between, then this regimen doesn't hold good.

Time- June 22 to August 22   

Temperature- above 30 C       

Seasons climate- Continues wind, typhoon, rain creating flood, increase in water table level, creation of mud due to rain, soil erosion, increase in river and sea water levels. If drizzling is continuous then it will increase diseases of summer itself.  Change in the body- If rain causes mud in the land, then cumulative effect of summer will start. Primarily it will cause decrease in digestion leading to deranged metabolism, body will not be able to convert food into body material.         

Probable diseases - If there is heavy rain in this season then it will lead to diseases like asthma, diabetes, kidney disorders, hereditary disorders, hormone imbalances, reproductive system disorders and almost all systemic disturbances will be seen in the beginning of rainy season. If the rain is less, effects of summer will continue till the rain comes heavily.     

Food Principle - in the beginning of the season food with salt and sour taste should be used. Also food article which are dry and anti inflammatory in nature should be used which will protect organs from overload or water logging in the beginning. End of the season strength giving food like black gram, horse gram, food that has plenty of protein and processed in fat should be used. 

Monocotyledon-Any monocotyledon is safe if it is not fresh (at least 3 to 6 months old is good)  

Dicotyledons -Only dry dicotyledon are to be used, fresh should not be used.       

Oil- Same as previous season; fried items with lemon and salt should be used.       

Vegetable- Only those vegetables which are not stored in cold storage, and which are grown in summer to be used. Fresh vegetables are totally contra indicated. I.e. only those vegetables to be used which can be stored for long duration naturally, not other vegetables. E.g. - pumpkin, cucumber, ash gourd etc. 

Non - Vegetarian- Only goat's meat is permitted. Aquatic meat should be avoided totally 

Fruits - Only dry fruits permitted or processed fruits with natural preservatives.      Contra indicated food- All varieties of raw food therapies, especially green leafy vegetables, all raw fruits, food articles that are grown in the season are contra indicated. Aquatic meat should be avoided totally

Regimen- Controlling conception is of primary importance in this weather condition, reduced intercourse, intake of sexual stimulants, travelling for long distances is contra indicated.  

Food preparation procedure- Dicotyledon preparations which are cooked in oil are to be used. Also dry vegetable or grown in summer and stored are to be used; like dried radish, cucumber grown in summer, salted meat, salted vegetables are good in this season.