Life style disorders And Ayurveda Index of life style disorders

Prevent -life style disorders with Daily regimen, seasonal regimen, and proper way of dealing with urges both physical and mental. Proper way of life style

According to Ayurveda following are the diseases that are produced by defective life style, and curable by change in life style. if you have any of the following diseases click on the link to see cause and required change in life style.

Abortion, Abscess, Anaemic look, Arthritis, Asthama - Dyspnea, Bad odour, Bleeding, Body - Burning, Body pain, Bone growth, Confusion, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Diseases of mouth, Diseases of tongue, Drowsiness, Emaciation of Gall Bladder, Fainting, Fever, Fracture, Gangrene, Gas problems, Giddiness, Hair defects, Hereditary defects, Herpes, Impotency, Indigestion, Inflammation of genitals, Jaundice, Laziness, Leucoderma, Loss of taste, Loss of weight, Mouth dryness, Nail disorders, Numbness, Piles / haemorrhoids, Skin - burning, Skin - colour change, Skin defects, Spleen enlargement, Stiffness of hairs, Stools -excess, Sweating - excess, Sweating absent, Swelling / block, Tastelessness, Teeth diseases, Thirst, Throat diseases, Throat dryness, Tonsillitis, Tumour, Unclean body, Urinary diseases, Uterine bleeding, Vomiting, Warts,

As you can see nearly 59 diseases are due to defective life style; More than 50% are common and wide spread in cities, rest are in villages.

If a disease is due to life style defect then medicines do not cure the diease instead it may agrvate the condition

In Ayurveda medicines formulated nearly 5000 to 500 years back are still working without fail. Cause of this is only one; we advice diet, daily and seasonal regimen, good conduct and medicine. Which helps body to rectify itself by reducing physical, mental and cyclic disorders.

Diet means use of food that supports life style (family, work and occupation). It may be veg or nonveg. Ayurveda does not advise vegetarianism.
Daily regimen is that which supports family and occupation; It is common for whole world with change in material.

Seasonal regimen which fits protects us from effects of seasonal effects[time ].

Sadvritta - Good conduct or proper conduct . Avoiding अतियोग, हीनयोग, मिथ्यायोग along with नवेगधारण is good conduct with respect to body. Avoiding अतियोग, हीनयोग, मिथ्यायोग along with वेगधारण is good conduct with respect to mind.