Seasonal regimen - Hemantha, Shishira, vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, sharat
Season: Sharat rutu (Autumn)
Time- August 22 to October 22
Temperature 22 C to 25 C
Seasons climate - A atmosphere without cloud, rain, clear sky, clear water in the ponds, plants with tender leaves and ground with green grass. Sun without harshness of summer.
Change in the body- Living beings recovering from continuous rain. Generally a festive atmosphere. A time where nature puts on weight with respect to greenery.
Probable diseases -Creates diseases which are due to Pitta or due to more strength to secretions from liver. Diseases might manifest as sleeplessness, gastritis, stomach pain, constipation, hypertension, skin disorders, erratic appetite. A season to get erratic E.C.G. abnormal blood reports and L.F.T. reports
Food Principle- Food should have more of sweet with bitter and astringent taste. Any food preparation without laxative to be avoided. In tropical climate meat should be avoided. Among vegetables items with alkalis, sour and pungent taste should be avoided.
Monocotyledon -60 days rice, barely wheat are preferred.
Dicotyledons- Bengal gram, green gram
Oil- No change except sweet preparations cooked in oil to be used
Vegetable- Snake gourd leaves, snake gourd, radish, ladies finger, controlled use of bitter gourd, carrot, beet root, Pongamia, Tinospora, aloe, tamarind, vegetables with bitter sweet taste are preferred.
Non - Vegetarian -goat's meat in other than tropical countries
Fruits -grape, pomegranate, gooseberry, cokam, preparation of khas khas grass, sweet lemon are preferred. Use of gooseberry is compulsory
Contra indicated food -Meat is contra indicated in the second half of Sharat rutu, also ash gourd. Sour and pungent taste it self, green chilies, excessive food intake(Stomach full) Day sleep, exposure to sun (Unless work requires) contraindicated
Regimen -Good season to eat sweets, preferably of milk; Exercise is compulsory except for contraindicated persons, early morning walk is not advised, body massage with fine triphala powder is advised. Day sleep, exposure to sun (Unless work requires) contraindicated. Good season for travelling, swimming, meditation , education etc. Also good time for conception
Food preparation procedure- Sweets prepared from milk, cooked in oil, along with sugarcane juice, gooseberry
Exceptions- Cold water intake is permitted (without boiling can be used)