Seasonal regimen - Hemantha, Shishira, vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, sharat
Season: Greeshma Rutu (Summer)

Time- April 22 to June 22

Temperature- above 30 C

Seasons climate - Absence of wind, High temperature, along with hot soil should be present. (Hot above and below)

Change in the body- this season causes dryness of body due to sweating. Over consumption of water intake leads to indigestion and less water intake leads to dehydration. Probable diseases- Imbalance in fluid level of the body causes diseases like debility, dysuria, haematuria, diseases due to debility like giddiness, body pain, sleeplessness, delirium, thirst, if more water is consumed indigestion, Diarrhoea, dysentery, dehydration etc are possible. Also this seasons diet can cause diseases in the next season due to cumulative effect.

Food Principle

Monocotyledon -easily digestible monocotyledon varieties should be used like Shastika among rice varieties easily digestible wheat or other monocotyledon which are available in the place grown locally are to be used.

Dicotyledons - To maintain strength; strength giving pulses like black gram, soya bean, Bengal gram or any other which has more calorific value should be used.

Oil- Oil variety does not change with the season. Use only that oil which is indigenous to that place and which remains liquefied in all seasons should be used. I.e. tropical area palm or coconut oil should be used but cold climate olive oil, gingily oil etc should be used.

Vegetable-Vegetable with more water in them should be used like pumpkin, cucumber, mucilaginous vegetable like lady's finger, spinach likewise any vegetable which is easily digestible should be used.

Non - Vegetarian- non-veg food is not advised

Fruits -All sweet fruits like mango, pomegranate, banana, grape, watermelon etc should be used Contra indicated food- barley, horse-gram, bitter vegetable, horseradish, non-veg, alcohol, stimulants like coffee, tea, chilies, garlic etc

Regimen - exercise is contra indicated; due health reasons if indicated to be done in moderation, getting up should be early and day sleep indicated for those who are weak or debilitated.

Food preparation procedure- this seasons diet should consist more of liquid diet along with digestive and carminatives. Food should consist of milk preparations, milk sweets, meat soup with digestives if local custom permits it; if coastal area buttermilk preparations along with zinger, jeera (cumin) kept in a pot is advised, milk preparations with honey; lassi, fruit juices (like date, mango, grape) without milk (Milk shake comes under incompatible food preparation). Specifically food should have more sweet fruits, monocotyledon and less of Dicotyledons and which is has more liquid and digestive should be used.