Rules and regulation and disclaimer

We are not responsible for anything that happens to anybody either by implied meanings or applied means by following, reading or advice given in the web site.

We will follow phonetic english for Samskruta. All technical terms will be typed in full and end in swara. We will try to bring a uniformity to names of all preparation and formulation.

Eg. we will not type asav it will be Asava, Arist will be arista, agasthya rasayan will be agasthya rasayana. So please co-operate.

We will display any data of any company, person, grower, supplier etc, except contact information of doctors, advertisement of any company.

Information about classical formulation is given in detail.(Ayurvedic only) Ayurvedic products list - we are trying to list all classical (any product of which is ingredients are listed in texts) Ayurvedic products available in the market we have listed few. If you can add more products please send product name, reference, company, Adhikara. if possible add ingredient with quantity.

Only those products with ingredients up to Bhavaprakasha will be considered as Ayurvedic. Products with ingredients not enumerated in Bhavaprakasha will be considered as Herbal products and listed separately. Products without classical reference will listed as ethical products -Ayurvedic and listed separately.