This data is collected by me 1991 -1992. This has a list of plants which were listed as used/ useful is Kamala in various books. (Starting from Charaka Samhita, Shushruta, Vagbhata, Bhaishaja ratnavali, useful plants of India. It is a complete list of plants used in kamala of various origins, like pre hepatic, hepatic and post hepatic jaundice. I have analyzed and given conclusion drawn according to Ayurvedic texts; followed by uses according to all texts combined.  So this is a complete list of plants used in kamala.

According to Ayurvedic texts medicine used in hepatitis should have following qualities.

  1. According to Ayurvedic texts medicine used in hepatitis should have following qualities.
  2. Laxative and / diuretic
  3. Bitter.
  4. Not astringent
  5. Irritant / Toxic
  • In the following list along with drugs with above I have added
  1. Medicine that act on tumours.
  2. Medicine that act on cirrhosis.
  3. Which increase body resistance
  4. Which regenerates tissues.
  5. Which corrects the body tissues
  6. Toxins which affects liver beneficially

There are approximately 360 plants listed as useful in kamala.

Abrus precatorius

Part Used - seed, root, leaves. Seeds are toxic.  Used after detoxification- used in Paralysis.

Abutilon indicum

Part Used - Root. The plant is diuretic in action. Use of it may dilute  the colour of  urine

Acacia catechu

Part Used Bark.  All Acacia's are useful in haemolytic jaundice i.e. - on pre Hepatic Jaundice not useful in viral hepatitis.

Acacia concinna

Part Used Bark.  All Acacia's are useful in haemolytic jaundice i.e. - on pre Hepatic Jaundice not useful in viral hepatitis.

Acacia leucophloea

Part Used bark.  All Acacia's are useful in haemolytic jaundice i.e. - on pre Hepatic Jaundice not useful in viral hepatitis.

Aconitum heterophyllum

Part used - Root. Useful  in dysentery, diarrhoea and fever may be  useful independently  in  hepatitis in early stages when  fever  is present

Adhatoda vasica

Part used - entire Plant. It is has its action on circulatory system and respiratory system. Hence it may be used with other drugs. Not singly in Viral hepatitis.

Adiantum venustum

Part used - Bark. A diuretic and used in scorpion sting independently or mixed not known (Nadakarni). Used in inflammatory disorders, tumours, ophthalmia (UPI).  Since used in inflammatory lesions it can be useful in Hepatitis.

Adina cordifolia

Part used  - Root / stem Bark. Febrifuge and antiseptic.

Aegle Marmelos

Part used - Root bark/stem bark. Diuretic reduces toxicity. Digestive has a definite action on liver intestine and kidneys.  Useful in haemolytic or pre hepatic Jaundice. Fruit has action of reducing secretion.

Aerva lanata

Part used  - whole Plant. Useful in kidney stones and gallstones Laxative hence has an action on liver.

Aglaia  odoratissima

Part used - seeds useful in dysentery. Hence may not be useful in - Hepatitis.

Agrostemma githago

Part used -grains. Grains -Toxic and used as diuretic' in dropsy and jaundice. There may be an action in viral hepatitis dose of grain not known.

Ailanthus excelsa

Part used - Bark, Febrifuge, laxative, used in bronchitis, and constipation. Has action in stages of Hepatitis. Also used as an antitoxin in rat bite.

Alangium salvifolium

A very good antitoxin and used in Hepatitis Herpes [B.P.] Worth investigate)· gives different results in different seasons and different doses.

Albizzia lebbeck

A proved anti toxin and antiallergenic.  Used in herpes also. Needs further study. Directly not used in hepatitis.

Aloe barbaden

All Aloe's have stimulating action on liver and leaf is anti-inflammatory when applied locally.

Aloe peryi Baker.

All Aloe's have stimulating action on liver and leaf is anti-inflammatory when applied locally.

Aloe vera

All Aloe's have stimulating action on liver and leaf is anti-inflammatory when applied locally.

Alstonia scholaris

A drug used as febrifuge and used in skin diseases, as a purgative and in tumours. And specific in diseases of blood. As a febrifuge and is used tumours may be useful in obstructive jaundice. Few pharmacy preparations contain Alstonia bark extract.

Amaranthus blitum

Leaf is used as potherb. A quantity laxative generally not preserved-as a diet in hepatitis. Not known medicinal uses.

Amaranthus spinosus

Part used whole Plant. Used in boils, burns, snakebite, skin diseases. A laxative, action dominantly on skin and digestion an in eruptive fevers.

Amorphophatlus campanulatus

A laxative used in digestive disorders, piles skin disorders, as an aphrodisiac with others.

Andrographis paniculata

Useful in fevers, in malaria Amoebic dysentery; dyspepsia. It is given in hepatitis itself. Action on viral condition like herpes not recorded.

Andropogon jwarancusa

Useful in fevers, and as a diuretic in conditions where burning is present and is more specific in Viral fevers.

Andropogon muricatus

Used in fever, to reduce burning in herpes but not a laxative. Hence may not act.

Andropogon nardus

Not used in hepatitis - only Pre hepatic Jaundice.

Aniscia matinicenis

Purgative may have action on liver more information available.

Anisochilus carnosus

Not used in hepatitis. Only in urticaria, cough; cold.

Aphanamyxis polystachya

Has definite action. Used as Rohitaka. Used in enlargement of liver extensively. Laxative used in later stages of Hepatitis.

Apium graveolens


Aporosa lindleyana

Anti  inflammatory  stops secretion  but  antibacterial

Aqualegic vulgaris

Roots diuretic - hence less action on liver. Seed oxytoxic hence causes contraction of muscle, used as a counter irritant in jaundice because it is a toxin not used in Viral Hepatitis.

Areca catechu

In Pre hepatic jaundice and Haemolytic jaundice.

Argemone mexicana

Highly toxic is causes inflammation of intestine if taken internally for more than a week. Used as counter irritant in very low dose/ not tolerated by all. Oil is supposed -to cause dropsy. Better not used.

Aristolochia indica

A good anti toxic used in various poisons. Used in virulent type of jaundice.

Artemesia absinthum

Used in fever with cold and swellings inflammation of liver. As a vermifuge, in rheumatism since it is used in inflammatory disorders might be useful in viral hepatitis.

Artemesia vulgaris

Stimulant used in acute condition, as an anti toxin in liver disorders but oral administration is not adviced. B.P

Artemisia annua

A  good  stomachic diuretic and used in  Jaundice  and ft skin disease

Asparagus officinalis

Diuretic reduces inflammation of excretory organs. As a diuretic reduces concentration of B.S. & B.P. in Urine.

Asparagus racemosus

Diuretic reduces inflammation of excretory organs. As a diuretic reduces concentration of B.S. & B.P. in Urine.

Asplenium  falcatum

Used in tapeworms.  Used in enlargement of spleen, liver, calculi, Jaundice, malaria.

Asplenium adiantum

is supposed to cause sterility in women

Asteracantha longifolia

Diuretic-reduces concentration of Urine contents. Action not directly on liver.

Atylosia goensis

Suppose to be useful in rheumatic fever ft (GIMP) No concrete evidence nor in other texts.

Azadirecta indica

Used in viral hepatitis with good results.

Bacopa monnieri

Used as an antitoxin useful in haemolytic jaundice.

Baliospermum monatanum

Useful in post hepatic jaundice due to cirrhosis. Also in hepatitis with great care since it is a drastic purgative.

Balsamodendron mukul  Commiphora mukul

Useful in all viral infections where fat metabolism gets involved. But contra indicated for Alcoholics.

Bambusa arundinacea

Bamboo manna. Bamboo manna is used in hepatitis/jaundice with other medicines, not independently.

Baringtonia acutangela

Used in snake with other medicines.  Termed Hepatitis of Alcoholics.

Barlaria prionitis.

Part used - whole Plants, Laxative useful in haemorrhoids cirrhosis of liver, varicose veins, and Jaundice due to cirrhosis of liver.

Bauhiinia tomentosa

Bark used in tumours. Not a laxative But has a definite anti inflammatory action usefulness in viral hepatitis not recorded.

Bauhimia acuminata

It is used in ulcers and as an anti-inflammatory agent and locally, After injury. Recorded use in Jaundice not present.

Belamcanda Chinensis

Rhizomes  Recorded as diuretic, expectorant, used as antidote for snake poison. Used in laryngeal tumour, breast cancer.

Bennicasa hispida

Used as diet in jaundice.  After jaundice specific condition of use is bleeding from various orifices in the body. Variety of jaundice in which it is of useful is not known.

Berberis aristata

It is definitely useful in infection of the ENT and in gastritis, recommended in prehepatic jaundice with other drugs. Since it is highly anti-bacterial anti viral activity can be studied.

Berbris asiatica

Used in haemolytic Jaundice.

Berbris lycium

Used in haemolytic Jaundice.

Bixa orella

Used as anti-toxin, anti emetic. Recorded use in jaundice absent.

Blepharis persiea

Laxative & diuretic, Used in liver disorders, leucoderma. In ENT Disorders, in irregular menses. Used in jaundice can be used in hepatitis is a laxative with diuretic action.

Boerhaavia diffusa

Diuretic, all other actions can explained through diuretic action, hence action on liver is not much.

Boswellia serrta

Used in prehepatic / haemolytic jaundice.

Brassica oleracea capitata

Generally used in diet but leafy vegetables are not permitted for jaundice person because causing charges in fat metabolism or if they cause irritation due to fibre content.

Brassica rapa

Used in tumours supposed to cause liver damage.

Bridelia stipularis

It is used in prehepatic /haemolytic jaundice because the other member [Bridelia retuse] is used in haemolytic Jaundice and they leaves are not laxative which is a must in hepatitis [not an antipyretic, anti emetic nor laxative.

Butea monosperma

Used in enlargement of liver in hepatitis and also to prevent hepatitis if there is a reported attack. It prevents appearance of symptoms.

Caesalpinia crista

/ bonducella  Laxative  - and has a definite action viruses. Proved action in hydrocele /enlarged testis after or with mumps.  Also has definite action liver and toxins present in the body works on cirrhosis.

Calamus rotang

In fever Used as vegetables when young but recorded use in jaundice is absent.

Calamus travancorius

In fever Used as vegetables when young but recorded use in jaundice is absent.

Callicarpa tomentosa

Useful in fever, hepatic obstruction, herpes and skin diseases, all of these are due to liver malfunction hence has a action on liver and Jaundice.

Calotropis procera

The milk /latex is advised in case of hepatitis because it is an (counter) irritant and laxative. Useful to remove obstruction, tumours, corns etc.  Increases secretion of bile and has sedative action on muscle of intestine used in syphilitic affection. (

Capparis decidua

[Aphylla]  Purgative but causes sweating.  Hence it is not advisable in hepatitis.

Capparis spinosa

Laxative and stimulant but induces sweating hence not advisable in Hepatitis.

Carathamus tintorus

Part used - flowers. Used in jaundice. Varity of jaundice not known.

Carum copticum

Used in enlarged condition of liver not otherwise.

Casearia esculenta

Used in liver enlargement and piles - A Laxative

Cassia angustifolia

Laxative. Not used in Hepatitis singly but with other drugs only, in constipated person.

Cassia fistula

Laxative. Used in active condition of Hepatitis extensively, worth studying.

Cassia occidentalis

Laxative, Used in cough with digestive upsets. Directly not used in Jaundice- only with other medicines.

Cassia sophera

A laxative leaves used as food in jaundice, variety of jaundice not known.

Cassia tora

Used as -food in digestive upsets. The fruit is useful in diseases caused due to reduced secretion directly not useful in jaundice Varity not known.

Cassytha filiformis

Stops secretions.  Hence not useful in acute viral hepatitis-can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Cedrus deodara

It has an anti-inflammatory action when used externally and internally and has stimulating action on digestive system. Worth studying as an anti-inflammatory.

Centaurea behen

Origin from Iran recorded as useful in jaundice and aphrodisiac.

Centella asiatica

Used as an anti toxin in  -fevers more specifically in viral fevers but only fresh extract is advised.

Ceratophyllum demersum

Used in fever use in jaundice not recorded. Only used in biliousness

Ceterach officinarum D.C

Acts as a diuretic due to which it has actin on spleen and liver.

Chionachne endivia

Cooling does not increase secretion, not a laxative may act in hepatitis.

Chionachne Koenigii

Laxative and stimulant.  Used in digestive disorders.

Cichorium intybus

Not used in hepatitis.

Cinnamomum camphora

Used-in viral infections to prevent spread. Anti fungal, anti bacterial, May be tried on virus.

Cinnamomum obtusifolium

Used in dyspepsia, prehepatic jaundice.

Cissampelos pareira

Used in hepatitis, ant toxic, corrects digestive system.

Citrulus colocynthis

Purgative acts in hepatitis, to be used with great care.

Citrus aurantifolia

anti emetic

Citrus aurantium

Fruit rind is used in diet for 'jaundice. Acts as an anti emetic due to sour taste.

Citrus limethoides

Used as cooling in fevers. Hence not a laxative direct action absent in jaundice.

Citrus medica

It is useful in correcting disorders of digestion - but plant is controversial

Citrus sinensis

Used as a nutrient in jaundice as prevent vomiting and nausea.

Clerodendron infortunatum

Used in tumours, cirrhosis, more in prehepatic. Jaundice.

Clerodendron phlomidis

Anti bacterial and used in inflammatory lesion.

Clerodendron serratum

A laxative and anti toxin, used in snakebite, also in dropsy due to liver cirrhosis and jaundice.

Coccina cordifolia

The stem and roots are advised locally for jaundice, diuretic.

Cocculus hirsutus

Acts on brain. Roots laxative, Used in jaundice variety not known.  Causes sweating hence not used in hepatitis.

Cocos nucifera

Used in prehepatic jaundice or chronic jaundice not in acute hepatitis.

Colchicum lutem

An anti-inflammatory agent synovial membranes of joints, used as Collyrium. Stated as useful in liver disorders but method, and condition, not mentioned.

Combretum decandrum

West African plant - No comments.

Commelina obliqua

Useful in snake bite/ laxative.

Cordia macleachi

Bark used in jaundice (GMPI). No other information available.

Coriandrum sativum

Useful in viral hepatitis but as a palliative not curative. Prevents eruptions of pustules in measles and chicken pox.

Crataeva nurvala

Laxative and diuretic, Anti inflammatory, Anti toxic. Useful in all inflammatory lesion worth investigating.

Crinum  asiatieum

Emetic-emetics cannot be used in hepatitis.

Crocus sativus

Used as a preventive in inflammatory degenerative with other medicine.

Cryophytum  crystallium

Laxative - used in ascites since used in ascetics and laxative should be useful in hepatitis.

Cucumis trigonus

(Vishala) drastic purgative used in hepatitis with other drugs and with care.

Cuminum  cyminum

Used with other medicine in jaundice generally in pre/jaundice.

Curculigo  orchioides

In prehepatic jaundice or after Jaundice to prevent weakness due disease as it increases resistance. It is anti bacterial /anti fungal (leucorrhoea}.

Curcuma domstica

It is used only in prehepatic Jaundice.

Cuscuta  reflexa

Laxative but property depends plant it grows. It is supposed to be abortificient.  It is anti inflammatory  used in conjunctivitis, enlarged liver  and spleen.

Cyamosen tetragonoloba

Fruits not useful  in  hepatitis, Since  it  reduces  food absorption and not  a  laxative.

Cynodon dactylon

used   in asceties  / general  anasarca.  Good antiviral agent and in chicken pox to reduce intensity of disease, diuretic, anti-inflammatory agent worth investigating for antiviral. It is a dose dependent drug in various doses qualities vary.

Cyperus  triceps

Relives purites (itching) Hence has  a action on liver action in case of acute  viral hepatitis condition not known.

Cyperus rotundus

Scariosus A good amoebicidal drug.  Not a laxative but used with other medicine as  it  is  good anti-inflammatory,  antibacterial,  antiviral  properties  not known; always used in all feverish conditions.

Dalbergia sisoo

The heart wood tract is used in chronic fevers and acts as a diuretic. Anti bacterial. Used for repair of damage to the tissues. Abortificient

Delphinim zalil

Laxative, diuretic  used  in  jaundice variety  not  known.  Since it is a  laxative  and  diuretic action on Jaundice / liver is present. Used in dropsy.

Dendrobium ovatum

Laxative but action on liver is doubtful it  is supposed  to exit  bile.

Desmodium   pulchellum

It  has  action  on   liver   but not independently as it is not alaxative.

Desmodium   tiliaefolium

Diuretic    carminative. Not mentioned as useful  in Jaundice.  It is a laxative.

Desmodium gangetieum

Diuretic, and anti-toxic. It is used in vomiting and diarrhoea. It increases resistance.

Desmostachya bipinnata

Stops bleeding, anti inflammatory and anti-toxic,  diuretic, corrects the tissues. Not a laxative directly  not   used in hepatitis. Since it has  property  of repair and regeneration it may be used.

Diospyros  paniculata

Decoction  of  fruit  as nutrient. Bark is used in rheumatism and ulcers.   It  has anti bacterial proper-ties. May be useful in hepatitis.

Diploclisia glaucescens

Leaves anti inflammatory used  in gonorrhoea, syphilis, used as carminative.

Dolichos biflorus

Diuretic  useful as a nutrient advised in post  hepatic jaundice generally jaundice due to gall stones.

Dorema   ammoniacum

used   in enlargement  of  liver and spleen  anti-inflammatory  used  in bronchitis, expectorant increased secret ions .

Ecbollium elateium

Narcotic. Mediterranean Plant  / Nadakarni  Used in Hydrophobia.

Ecbollium viride

Roots -' Anti inflammatory, diuretic leaves used in stricture dysuria, jaundice and  menorrhagia.  Has a action on  liver.

Eclipta alba

/ erecta / prostrata   - used in anaemia,  jaundice prehepatic jaundice/haemolytic  jaundice, laxative  and  stimulant.  diuretic,  emetic.  stimulant  of bone marrow. Advised in  tetanus  (Nadakarni).

Eettaria   cardamomm

A laxative and stimulant, recommenced with other medicines.

Elaeocarpus tuberculatus

The  fruits have a wide range of action on  circulatory sys-tem when taken internally. They act as anti   inflammatory, brain  stimulants  recorded  as  used  in  epilepsy, typhoid, rheumatism-worth study.

Elusine coracana

Used as food; In treatment not recorded.

Embelia ribs

De-worming agent, laxative, stimulant and anti inflammatory agent used in jaundice with other medicines; individual use jaundice is not given, advised in skin disorders and psoriasis.

Embelica  officinalis

Useful in metabolic many disorders. Laxative corrective and rejuvenation. Useful in hepatitis, mode of action not known.

Enhydra fluctuans

Jala  Brahmi.  Recorded  as  used   in morbidity  of liver laxative, used as food and also in  skin and nervous disorders.

Erytina stricta

Anti-inflammatory and lax/live and used in inflammatory disorders and epilepsy mode of use in jaundice not known. Used in place of Erytrina varigata Nadakarni.

Erytrina  varigata

Leaves are laxative antihelmintic, vermifuge acts on CNS.  Diuretic, galactagogue.   Anti-inflammatory and healing used for washing ulcers.  Stimulant Nadakarni

Euonymus atropurpureus

Laxative, liver stimulant imported drug. Increases flow of bile (Nadakarni).

Eupatorium  cannabinum

Diuretic, in Holland used in jaundice.

Euphrasia  officinalis

Anti inflammatory used in  eye  diseases specially in conjunctivitis used in Homeopathy.

Fernula foetida

Used in digestive disorders ,mild laxative, stimulates peristalsis. Slightly toxic according to texts.

Feroma  cretea

Diuretic, bitter,  antiseptic   [P.  brupeien]  used  to  prevent   small   pox (Nadakarni], used in tumours.

Ficus  glomerata

Not used in hepatitis. All Ficus  family members are  astringent are not used in hepatitis since they reduce secretion of bile.

Ficus asperima.

used- in glandular  enlargement of-liver -and to remove tartar and cleanse the teeth. Use in hepatitis not given

Ficus dalhousiae

Not used in hepatitis [Astringent].

Ficus retusa

Not used in hepatitis.

Flacourtia   jangomas

Used  in  liver   disorders-  when secretions are more or altered.

Flacourtia indica

(Flacourtia ramnochi) Used in jaundice, enlarged liver and spleen  (worth studying).

Fuaaria  parviflora

Laxative used in  acute  fevers and diuretic, primary drug in case of pyrexia due to any origin Specific in viral fevers.


Fruit  are  used  as  medicine  in  inflammatory disorders,   eruption.  Diet  in  all  disorders   except  dysentery /diarrhoea.

Garcinia jasminoides

Used as antipyretic  and  wormifuge (No comments.)

Garcinia xanthochymus

Fruit  pulp  is  used  in  bilious  disorders. Used as a substitute for Garcinia indica, for, same as Garcinia India. (Nadakarni]

Gelonium multiflorum

Purgative   Used in Hepatitis.  Also in gingivitis.

Geranium robertanum

Diuretic. Used in jaundice.  UPI

Gissikia pharnaceaides

antihelmintic -substitute for Elavaluka

Glycosmis pentaphylla

Anti pyretic supposed to be useful in snakebite.

Glycyrrhiza glabra

A laxative healing, anti toxic increases resistance and corrects the tissue damage.

Gmelina arborea

Laxative, anti toxic, diuretic  and healing used with the other medicines.

Grewia subinaequalis

Fruit is used in jaundice not hepatitis.

Grewia tenax

Used in jaundice not hepatitis

Haekelochola granularis

Recorded as useful  in  enlarged liver and spleen.

Headychium spicatum

used in inflammatory lesion /disease of Head, respiratory tract, not useful independently in  liver disorders.

Hedyotis  corymbose

(Oladenlandia) action  given  is  not proven or properly recorded controversial drug [ B. P ]

Hedyotis diffusa

Action controversial. Recorded as  useful in bacterial infection [gonorrhoea]

Heleiters  isora

Not used in hepatitis But anti inflammatory when applied locally, but anti-inflammatory when applied locally.

Hemidesmus  indicus

Used in prehepatic jaundice and as  an anti toxin.

Hibiscus  cannabinus

Not useful in hepatitis as it reduces secretions.

Hibiscus sabdarifa

Laxative, diuretic, reduces blood pressure, hence may not be useful in infective hepatitis.

Hiptage bengalensis

Used in skin diseases and rheumatism, laxative.

Hollerhina antidysentrica

Anti bacterial, anti dysenteric, laxative. Used in prehepatic jaundice.

Humboldtia  vahliana

Used  .in  epilepsy,  leprosy  (skin diseases,   ulcers  hence  useful in liver disorders.

Hydnophytum  andamanese

The decoction is supposed  to  be useful  in  liver  complaints available in Andaman islands.

Hydrocarpua  laurifolia

Useful in all liver disorders when skin is affected. Very potent nerve stimulant.

Hydrocotyle   silethorpioides

supposed to be useful in rheumatism,, pulmonary and  digestive

Ilex aquifolium

Fruits -purgative, emetic, diuretic, leaves used in jaundice and dropsy,. Since it is a emetic and purgative it is toxic.

Indigofera   tinctoria

Purgative,  diuretic,  antitoxin,   used in  epilepsy,   nervous disorders, dysuria, hepatitis Ref Borieka met.

Ipomea digitata

Laxative,  stimulant, inflammatory used in liver disorders which an due to lack  of nourishment. Used in enlarged spleen and liver.

Iris  germanika

Imported purkaramoola. Used  as  an  anti inflammatory in bronchitis, dropsy and liver problems. Pain in the side's is a must.

Iris ensata

Used in liver complaints general not known.

Iris genera

Action better in diseases  where respiratory  system  is  affected due  to  change  in  liver function.

Iris nepalensis

Diuretic, useful in  bilious  obstruction (Nadakarni)

Jasminum officinale

Useful as anti toxic but stops secretions. Leaves are anti bacterial and causes healing of damaged tissues when applied externally.

Juniperus communis

Fruit is used as diuretic, bactericidal (Nadakarni) 711. Used in gonorrhoea, dropsy, anti inflammatory  anti   microbial  - /(berries) and   for fumigation

Justicia picta

Substituted for Adhatoda vasaka

Juticia gendarusa

Substituted for Adathoda vasaka.

Kyllinga triceps

used as a substitute for Sausurea lappa . Anti toxic, useful in diabetes and torpor of liver (Nadakarni, Kirtikar and Basu)

Lactaca  remetiflora

Diuretic, useful in liver obstruction.

Lagenaria  vulgaris

Lagenaria siceraria   Laxative, diuretic  used as a single drug in viral hepatitis.

Lannea  coromandelica

Antiseptic, stops diarrhoea. Not laxative.

Lavandula  stoechas

oil  is  used  for  stomach upsets, Smoothening  and  for  colic,  headache,  biliousness.  Exact action not known.

Lawsonia inermis

Mehendi   Tender leaves used in jaundice, epilepsy   and  asthma. reduces  burning when   applied externally by stimulating circulation(Sa.) Used in small pox  to prevent eruption in the eyes.  [Nad.7313 ]  Anti  inflammatory -gonorrhoea.  Bark is used

Lepedium  latifolium

Contains sulphur, diuretic, used  in skin affections, and hepatic and renal troubles (UPI).

Lepedium  sativum

Anti diarrhoeal used in gout, increases lactation, normalises intestine secretions, stimulant.

Leptadenia   reticulata

Increases lactation, prevents  abortion, anti toxic, normalises body function.

Limnanthemum  cristatum

Used as a substitute  for  Swertia  chirayata which is used in Jaundice. Used as food

Lindernia  crustacea

Anti dysenteric, stops secretions, anti fungal. anti bacterial diuretic,

lpomea turpethum

Laxative used in Hepatitis.

Luffa acutangula

Var. Amara. Laxative, diuretic, purgative. Used as a snuff in jaundice Ref. Nadakarni 7533.

Luffa cylindrica var. amara

Action is on the blood vessels and blood. Laxative, diuretic.

Luffa echinata

Purgative and diuretic. Anti inflammatory.

Lychnis coronaria

Used for infraction of lymph glands.

Lycopodium  clavatum

A laxative [spores] Ref. Materia medica.

Maduka  malabarica

Bark.   Not laxative, used in consumption and biliousness and rheumatism. Flower diuretic used in kidney complaints (GIMP-1).

Mallotus    phlippenses

Purgative and antihelmintic used in skin disorders and increases secretions of liver and anti toxic.

Malpigia   glabuea

Rich in Vitamin C, anti dysenteric others properties not recorded.

Malus   sylvertris

Bark.   Laxative   antipyretic; root hypnotic-use in Jaundice not mentioned.

Melastoma pecenyidum

Root laxative, stimulant used   in general debility and vertigo.

Melissa  parviflora

Antipyretic /and used in diseases of brain , liver    and heart and  anti  toxic.  Part used -Fruit  and  plant.  Anti tubercular /antipyretic.

Melothric madraspatna

Shoots used in biliousness  and vertigo other properties not known.

Michilia  champaka

Flowers  diuretic,  anti  toxic. Anti fungal  antibacterial-dried root bark  purgative and abortificient.

Momordica charartia ;

Useful in hepatitis. Laxative but long term use not advised  (ref.  profile)

Momordica cochinchinensis

GIMP-2 Seeds for  treatment of sores, ulcers, obstruction or liver and spleen.

Monochoria vaginalis

UPI- Used for  liver  complaints.

Moringa olifera;

(W.I.)   It is an anti inflammatory and healing, diuretic laxative, used in circulatory disorders, bone injuries. Leaves - emetic. Seeds antipyretic anti rheumatic Flower  ; tonic, diuretic, cholagogenic. All parts in ascites. [UPI Used  in  headache

Musa  paradisiaca

The  core of pseudostem  is  used  as medicine also the rhizome and unripe inflorescenes. Uses laxative. Used to alter secretion  tumours, blocked Vessels.

Mussaenda  glabrata

The white (leaves) calyx is  used  in jaundice - dose 2 tola in milk.

Myricaria germanica

Bark - is used in Spain  for Jaundice.

Myrtus  communis

UPI Leaves  used   in' epilepsy, respiratory disorders. diseases of liver, diuretic Nadakarni

Nargamia alata

Cholagogue, emetic used in bronchitis.  Used in biliousness. UP1

Nelumbium  speciosum

Used to reduce burning in herpes, Recorded direct use in hepatitis not available.

Nelumbo nucifera

Nelumbium  speciosum

Nigella cativa

The bitter variety is used as an  antitoxin and to prevent infections. W.I.

Nycthanthes  arboratritis

Decoction of  leaves  used  in diabetes,  it is laxative, diuretic cholagogue also used  in. jaundice.

Nymphoides  indicum

Used as a substitute for Chirayata in fever and jaundice.

Opliopogon japonicum

Substitute for- ginseng, galactagogue anti-inflammatory used in problems of lungs, liver kidney intestine.

Oroxylum  indicum

Anti dysenteric and anti bacterial. Used in pre hepatic Jaundice.

Orygia decunbens

Leaves eaten as food in biliousness [Other factors not known]

Ougeinia oojinemmis

The barks useful in  jaundice[prehepatic], ulcers and infections.

Oxalis acetosella

Diuretic, haemostatic used in  cancerous growth [wart on lips ref. Nadakarni]

Oxystelma esculestum


Secamone antiseptic, galactagogue Fresh root is used in jaundice in Orissa.

Paederia foetida

Laxative used in gout, Leaves Diuretic, used in calculi, Roots in inflamed spleen and  pain is  chest  and liver. Anti toxic.

Paeonia emodi

laxative & toxic. Causes vomoting on over dose.

Pandanus adaratissimus


Passiflora  foetida

Fruits emetic used  in  asthma  and hysteria.

Pedalium  murex

Whole plant in diuretic, tonic, used in gonorrhoea etc, and in biliousness.

Peltigua   canina

Lichen, purgative, used in liver complaints. No other information.

Pentapetes phoenicea


Peucedanum  graveolens

Laxative, anti-emetic, [See Apium graveolens]

Phlogacanthus jenkinsii.

Anti pyretic used in disease of liver and spleen.

Phyllanthus  fraternus

Used in jaundice  extensively  i.e. hepatitis

Physochlania  pracalta

Narcotic and emetic not  useful  in hepatitis.

Picrorhiza krurroa

Cholagogue, laxative, and purgative used in  dropsy, (UPI) used in  hepatitis with  good  results  but slightly  toxic independent use for long not  advised.

Piper longum

Used in prehepatic Jaundice, laxative,  used in enlarged spleen and liver and  in obstructive jaundice, direct use in viral hepatitis not mentioned. dose dependent drug.

Pithecelobiummmmm bigeminum


Plumbago indica

Raw plant is used in  enlarged   liver, prehepatic  jaundice. Laxative The action is dependent  on the  associated  medicine, independently not  used. A dose dependent drug toxic. Increases secretion of bile.

Polycarpaea corymbosa

Anti-inflammatory. Used in jaundice, boils, and swellings.

Polygola  elongata

UPI. Laxative, used in biliousness  and constipation.

Polygonum glabrum


Polypodium querefolium


Pongamia   pinnata

Used  in  herpes,  anti    bacterial,    anti microbial,  anti  fungal  and  anti  viral.  Used  in  liver disorders extensively, it is laxative and stimulant. W.I.

Portulaca  oleracea

Contains potassium  and  oxalic  acid diuretic and laxative, healing and anti  inflammatory in action. Used in  diseases where diuretic action helps like liver  spleen, cardiac disorders haematuria dysentery, mouth ulcers, inflammatory swellings.

Prangos pabularia

Roots diuretic, in  irregular  menses, fruits laxative, diuretic liver tonic and uterine contractor.

Premna intengrifolia

It is laxative, and anti  inflammatory in action but not be used in hepatitis.

Prunus  cerasus

Controversial drug  contains cyanic acid. Used in Hyper pyrexia.

Pseudarthria   viacida

Anti inflammatory in action and diuretic. Used   in rheumatism  diarrhoea,   asthma  cardiac troubles , worms,  piles and  biliousness  substitute  for Desmodium gangeticum.

Pterocarpus marsupium

Used in haemolytic Jaundice.

Pterocarpus santalinus

Used in haemolytic Jaundice.

Punica  granatum

Used in-early  stages  of  jaundice, prevent vomiting and use in haemolytic jaundice

Pupalia  lappacea

Diuretic anti tonic    used      as      anti inflammatory. Used in  jaundice. Worth investigating.

Putrajeeva roxburghii

Laxative and tonic. And  anti  toxic. dose  dependent  drug.  Ref. B.P. Used in  cold, fever  and rheumatism UPI

Randia   dumetorum

emetic  used  in    skin   diseases,    anti swelling,  inflammatory lesions, piles, etc. Used as preventive in circulatory disorders.

Randia  uliginosa

Anti toxic, diuretic .UPI.  Used in diarrhoea, dysentery during pregnancy.

Raphanus sativus

Used in jaundice. Since it gives  results in  other intestinal disorders also extensively  advised  by CS.

Ricinus   communis

Used  in  jaundice  [specific viral hepatitis]  Many preparations are in the market which  give good result.

Roripa inlandica

Anti toxin, used in hyper secretion of digestive system.

Rosa  centifolia

Anti toxic, used in hyper secretions of digestive system.

Rosa  damascena

Buds are used in disorders of  liver  like hyper acidity.

Rosa  moschata

Laxative,  tonic  anti  toxic,   corrects digestive system.

Rubia  tinctorum

Diuretic, used in  disorders  of  liver. Spleen and gall bladder, arthritis.

Rubia cordifolia

Fruit; is used in liver disorders. antitoxin,   diuretic,  anti  toxic,   liver   stimulant .

Ruta  graveolens

Antihelmintic, anti bacterial? Anti toxic, used in treatment   snake bite. Stimulates circulation?

Saccharum spontoneum

Diuretic - used in bleeding  disorders and in removal of clogged material  from the systems.

Sachiebra  sweetenioides

Used in prehepatic jaundice;  not in viral hepatitis.

Salvadora  pusuea

Laxative increases  intestine  movements, disorder A f liver.

Santalum album

Used in prehepatic jaundice not in  viral hepatitis

Saponaria officinalis

Contains saponin, diuretic. used  in rheumatism, jaundice, hepatic  and venereal ulcers.

Saraca asoca

Not useful in viral hepatitis.

Sauasurea lappa

Digestive stimulant.

Saxifraga lingulata

Diuretic controversial drug.

Scoparia dulcis

Used in viral fevers, diabetes.

Senecia vulgaris

Purgative,  diuretic,  diuretic  action similar to ergot. Externally anti inflammatory.

Sesmum indicum

Has a property of regeneration.

Shorea  robusta

Used in prehepatic jaundice not  in  viral hepatitis.

Sida acuta

Diuretic,  Tonic.

Sida cordifolia

Diuretic & tonic.

Sida rhombifolia

Diuretic &  tonic.

Sida spinosa

Diuretic &  tonic. Above four Sida are used in pre hepatic jaundice.

Silybum marianum

recorded  as useful  in   fever,   jaundice dropsy, urinary problems, cancer, and it is galactagogue

Smithia   conferta

Laxative used  in   rheumatism   and biliousness.

Snecio  scandens

Emetic - Used in jaundice-part used  and dose not known.

Solanum  torum

Diuretic, digestive. Used  in  liver  and spleen enlargement But it is poisonous.

Solanum dulcamara

Used  in skin diseases and   liver disorders, rheumatism. Diuretic increases all secretions.

Solanum melongea

not used in hepatitis.

Solanum nigrum

Used in liver disorders and hydrophobia (GIMP-1).

Solanum surathens

Diuretic, febrifuge, anti inflammatory-(Nadakarni).

Solarium indicum

Diuretic used in prehepatic jaundice.

Sonchus arvensis

Recorded as used in jaundice. It is  anti inflammatory and diuretic.

Sonchus oleraceus

Galactagogue,  vermifuge.   Anti cancerous. Gum is laxative. Used in hydro thorax and ascites and it  is anti opiate. UPI.

Sophora  flavencens

Roots used in jaundice  and  dysentery. Anti inflammatory.

Sorbus  auenparia

Diuretic and laxative.  Used  in  liver malfunction.

Sphaearanthus  indicus

Laxative, diuretic-used to  correct liver disorders. Anti cancerous.?

Spinacia oleracea

Leaf and seeds laxative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory. Used in jaundice and inflammation of lungs.

Spondias  pinnata

Anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, action in case of hepatitis not recorded.

Sterospermum suavelolens

Anti inflammatory, anti toxic in action, used in throat infection and as a preventive.

Strychnos potatorum

Used as a water purifier, anti  toxic, anti inflammatory and diuretic.

Sutherladia  frutescins

Leaves  are  used  in   stomach, intestinal, liver &  uterus troubles. A laxative and diuretic.

Swertia chirayata

Used in viral hepatitis. Antipyretic.


laurina    Anti inflammatory and  anti  bacterial, reduces secretions

Symplocos racemosa

Used in pre hepatic Jaundice.

Syzygium  cerasodium

Recorded use in viral  hepatitis  is absent.

Syzygium cumini

reduces secretions hence may not be useful  in viral hepatitis

Syzygium hemispericum

reduces secretions hence may not be useful  in viral hepatitis

Syzygium jambo

reduces secretions hence may not be useful  in viral hepatitis

Tamarindus  indica

Leaves are advised in  jaundice.   They have anti inflammatory action.

Taraxacum officinale

Rhizome is a laxative increases  flow of bile, diuretic, hepatic  stimulant.

Taxus baccata

Diuretic, used in epilepsy, hysteria, headache giddiness, entire plant is poisonous.

Tectona  grandis

Used in skin  ailments,   stimulate  hair growth, oil is anti-inflammatory and  diuretic.

Tephrosia purpurea

It has action  in case of  viral  hepatitis and is marketed by some companies.

Terminalia  arjuna

Act as a diuretic. Used in  prehepatic jaundice and post hepatic also.

Terminalia  belerica

Has wide range of  action- used hepatitis.

Terminalia  chebula

Has wide range   of  action.   Used   in hepatitis.

Terminalia tometosa

Substitute for Terminalia arjuna.

tharmum  crystallinum

diuretic   and anti -inflammatory, (native of Africa) used in ascities, dysentery, and diseases of liver and kidney

Thymus  serphyllum

Corrects vision,  liver  and  stomach; Diuretic and laxative.

Tinospora  cordifolia

Used in hepatitis with good  results has a wide range of action including anti cancerous.

Tragopogon   porrifolius

Roots   are   diuretic,   and expectorant.  Used  as  anti  biliouis  (UPI)  specific  for jaundice and obstructed gall bladder GIMP-1.

Tragopogon  pratensis

Diuretic  used  in  place  of Tragopogon porrifolius  and as a substitute for Arnica montana (GIMP-1).

Trewia nudifofa

Anti inflammatory, anti toxic recorded use in jaundice is absent. But used as a substitute for Gmelina arborea.

Trianthema  decandra

A substitute drug for Punarnava. Diuretic and laxative.  Used in hepatitis and asthma.

Trianthema portulacastrum

Same as Trianthema decandra.  (Refer BP.)

Tribulus terrestris

Diuretic, preventive,  stimulant, increases body resistance and anti inflammatory. And a  dose dependent drug.

Trichosanthus   cucumaina

Anti viral to some extent used for Alopasia. It is anti pyretic and used by companies as liver tonic.

Trichosanthus  anguina

They act as preventive and used as diet in hepatitis. Also advised as diet in all diseases.

Trichosanthus  cordata

Roots are used in hepatitis and disorders of visara.

Tunera  ulmifolia

Anti-inflammatory used in dysentery, rheumatism and biliousness.

Tylophora  tenuis

Used in urticaria, small pox, and swellings. Antidote for arsenic poisoning.

Uraria crinita

Used as a fish and  lice poison.  Recorded as useful  in  diarrhoea, dysentery, enlarged liver  and  spleen tumours and fistulae.

Uraria picta

Enhances healing used in cough, cold, fevers, laxative and diuretic.

Urtica dioica

Used as a diuretic, laxative anti-inflammatory, haemostatic, used in hepatitis, cholengitis, cholecystitis.

Uvaria narum

Used in jaundice, fever and rheumatism.

Vanda spathula

Anti inflammatory in action used in rheumatism. It has anti bacterial and anti tubercular properties.

Vanda tessellata

used in  rheumatism. It has anti bacterial and anti tubercular properties.

Vateria  indica

Used in  various  inflammatory  disorders externally.

Vepris  bilocularis

Used in prehepatic  jaundice  not  in hepatitis.

Vetivera ziziniaides

See Andropogon muricatus.

Viola  odorata

Diuretic,   lax/five,   used   in  cancerous growths, and it is hypotensive.

Viola patrinii

Anti inflammatory and cancerous purgative.

Viscum album

Diuretic, purgative, used for enlarged spleen and liver epilepsy, piles and lumbago.

Vitex  negundo

Has a wide range of action and  also  dose dependent action laxative.

Vitis quandrangularis

Increases rate of healing, increases resistance.

Vitis vinifera

Used in many liver tonic advised as A medicine and food. It is a diuretic, laxative.

Withania coagulans

Laxative, stimulant, diuretic dose dependent drug, increases resistance.

Woodfordia floribunda

Anti toxic.

Yucca filamentosa


Zanthoxylum alatum

Used in enlarged liver and spleen.

Zingiber officinale

a drug with dose dependent activity, actin mainly catalytic and stimulant but action varies.

Ziziphus nummularia

Laxative - used in skin disorders and to increase resistance.

Ziziphus sativa

Laxative, used to increase resistance and as anti pyretic.