This is a instructions chart given to patients in Sri Jayachamarajendra Institute Of Indian Medicine Hospital Dhanvantari Road, which was adopted from Arabindo ashram. this gave very good results in case of myopia along with Ayurvedic medicines. This is a OCR copy, not edited. In case of eye disorders specially eye ball defects get corrected with this regimen.

Sri Jayachamarajendra Institute Of Indian Medicine Hospital Dhanvantari Road, Bangalore-560009


  For correction of refractory errors and Cure of other eye diseases, the following treatment is advised (Preferably twice a day i.e. Morning and Evening.)
Sunning - Sun is a wonderful source of strength for reliving all kinds of discomforts.  The vitality of the eye is increased and no microbe is able to attack the eye. The health of the eye is based on light as the health of the lungs is based on air.  The closed eyes are exposed to the sun for 5 minutes daily.  First apply the medicine Resolvent-200 with a glass rod or dropper in each eye, after that slowly face the sun or 200 watts bulb with eyes closed and chin raised.  Your feet flat on the floor with your back erect and hands resting on thigh.  Then sway your body from side to side for 6 minutes or till you count 100 slowly.  Sunning is best in morning and evening.
2 Eye Wash: Before and After sunning come to the shade and rinse your eye by blinking about 20 times using a pair of eye cups filled to the brim with a weak solution of Triphala Kashaya. Eyewash is very important in toning up the eyes and its surrounding tissues.  Take one cup of water put one pinch of Triphala powder well boil, filter, and cool use for washing the eyes.
3 Palming; Sit Comfortably, with your eyes closed by your palm fingers crossed on the forehead Let your Elbows rest on a cushion pillow to avoid pressure on eye balls. Ensure that no light enters your eyes Take deep breath paying more importance to exhalation, relaxation and relief of pain and sense of coolness in the head can be experienced you may practice several times a day. Mornings are better suited. Fatigue, noise, hunger, anger, worry or depression should be avoided at the time of palming to enable proper relaxation it would be better to listen to some music or stories etc- you will experience coolness and sense of relaxation in your eyes- Palming is a from of constructive meditation try to see the black before the eyes do not try to open the eyelids try to empty your mind. While palming take deep breath as it improves the accuracy and sensitiveness of the eyes, nerves and mind.  During deep breathing keep the mouth closed. Avoid quick jerky breathing. - Pay more attention to exhalation than to inhalation and count up to 100 respiration or count up to 300 numbers.
4. Swinging/Shifting: Moving the eyes from one point to another is called shifting. Stationary objects appear to move in the direction opposite to the movement of the head and eyes- For example when you travel in a fast moving train, telegraph poles and other objects (stationary) appear to move in the opposite direction.   The eye gets rest only when it is moving.  Shifting can be practised both with eyes open and closed.
Stand in front of a Board with bars like structure, which measures in 14'' X 14'' and 1\2' gap base in the middle with black paint and hanged, with your feet about one foot apart and move your body from right to left or vice versa while raising the heel of your right foot or vice versa alternatively 5" to 100 times. Keep eyes and the sight shifting along with the movement of your head and blink at each end.  Observe through bars as for as possible permits. Change of focus loosens the eye muscles physical and mental rhythms enable us to see better.
The right way to swing is to move the eyes from one point to another slowly regularly, continuously, restfully, easily without effort and without trying to see.  Do not stare at objects and make no effort to see them.  Lazily shift your sight from one point to another without having any idea that you are seeing the objects.  Blink once on each side.  Move your head, eyes and body rhythmically from side to side.  You will experience as illusion things out side through the bars such as trees. Telephone poles will seems to move.  Swinging breaks the staring habit
5.  Candle Flame: - Sit facing the candle flame about one foot away and gently move the body forward and backwards with the rhythm of respiration while keeping the sight towards the flame, count 25 to 100 respiration.  (For cataract squint, glaucoma, high myopia and
Candle Light Reading: Fine print reading is a benefit to the eye- It saves the eyes from cataract, glaucoma or other old age diseases of the eyes.  Shift the sight on white line of fine print and blink at each line's end.  Read fine print in good light and candle light alternatively without glasses or with glasses both eyes separately.  The book is held at a distance from which it is seen best.  The patient should not look directly at the letters but just at the white space in between the lines of print and imagine that they arc perfectly white. Move the head a little from side to side and blink often.

6. Playing with the Ball: - Toss the ball to the ground and observe the bounce while moving your sight and your head at the same speed and blink the moment you catch Do this for about 50 to 100 counts. Next toss the bail from hand to hand while moving your head as the eyes follow the ball and blink when you catch the ball (50 to 100 counts).  Ball movement should be up to your nose level.
7.  Vaporisation: Put one drop of Eucalyptus oil or crystals of menthol in one cup of boiling water and by covering your head allow the vapour to strike on your face and keep blinking for some time till you perspire (say one minute). Vapour is a good method to relieve the spasm of the muscles to absorb the blood in haemorrhages and to improve blood circulation.

8 Cold Pads: Wipe out the perspiration and put cotton pads, soaked in cold water and squeezed, on your eyes and relax for 10 minutes.
NOTE: Blinking: Upper eyelid should not touch the lower eyelid. Just a little down your eyelid half closing your eyes.
Diet for Good Eye Sight: Eggs, butter, milk, ghee, cod-liver oil, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, bitter gourd, spinach, coconut, chestnuts, almond, walnuts peanuts, mushroom, onion, tomato, turnips, pumpkin, apple, grapes, orange, green leafy vegetables fried with ghee, groundnut seeds, drumstick, sunflower seeds, Triphala ghrita, with saptamrutha loha at bedtime, daily apply oil to head and feet.
Avoid:  Angry, thinking, crying, smoking, alcohol, tobacco, sexual bad habit, night awakening, day time sleeping-, physical, mental, over strain, indigestion constipation drinking plenty of water, hot water bath for head daily. Reading in lying posture and soon after taking meals.  Bright light and solar eclipse without goggles. Avoid the eyes from heat, dust, coal, smoke, gas, and fire, iron piece sand and injury epidemic eye diseases and malnutrition.
Improving Sight: - Anew method developed by a scientist at the P.K Anokhin Research Institute of Normal Physiology in Moscow helps improve eyesight by 1.5 diopters in one session without any specialised equipment.  Stanislay Kolpak's method improves blood flow in the eye by means of exercises and self-massage, reports APN.  "Everyone knows that eyesight depends upon the blood supply of the eye and the number of open, functioning capillaries. When the eyes grow tired, the blood flow diminishes and the given person worse work involves a strain on his eyes, finds that he begins to see worse." Dr. Kolpak says.  The method was tested on the workers of a Moscow enterprise.  Observations have shown that it took only 10 days for the blood supply of the eyes with a medium degree of myopia to increase by 30 percent and the eyesight to go back to normal. -UNI.