You have selected Asthama - Dyspnea
  • Asthama - Dyspnea   is caused by-
  • Overloss of weight, (which causes wasting of muscles, loss of strength and reduction of blood qualities -variation in haemogram, or liver function), control of natural urges (like urination, stools, crying, sneezing etc (13 in number), habits and foods which increases dryness in the body (causing stress to excretory system and sweating) , exercising when hungry( causes stress in supply and demand of energy), Due to diseases in other parts of the body
    Treatment  -- Cause - GENERALLY in all respiratory diseases Food pattern is the cause. Next cause is defective excretion(motion, sweat and urination in the order) Finally emotional state. See which is defective and correct it. proper way
    To correct food pattern - Change eating and exercise habits, (early exercise followed by bath and reasonably heavy breakfast), early and easily digestible dinner followed by drinking of hot water reduces distress of respiratory tract considerably.
    In food article reduce irritant, fermented, spicy, stale, packed food.

    Do not control natural urges beyond certain limit
    If you have other diseases check for their causes and change them.

    In Ayurveda control of emotional state is advised.