Instructions to companies

  1. to List products please send company name, email ID, product name, ingredients, quantity of ingredients.
  2. Ingredient name should be either in botanical name or sanskirt name.
  3. local names not accepted as we use names in search for products.
  4. Single drugs will be listed separately. if extract is used in single drugs mention original quantity of drug eg. 100 mg of extract derived from 2000 mg or 2gms of raw drug -root extract/fruit/leaf/ dry/ water extract/ alcohol extract.
  5. Send soft copy as html, excel or word table format
  6. for classical products send original reference and Adhikara (eg. - bhaishaja ratnavali - jwardhikara -भैषज्य रत्नावलि - ज्वराधिकार.
  7. All other products without classical reference will be listed as Ayurvedic or herbal
  8. Products with combination of combinations will be listed as classical medicine only. eg. combination of arogya vardhini and sapthamruta loha, maharasnadi and yogaraja etc.