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  1. Maha Drakshadi Rasayana
  2. Maha Jwarankush Ras
  3. Maha jwarankusha rasa
  4. Maha kalyaanaka Ghrutham
  5. Maha Kalyana Ghrita
  6. Maha laxadi Taila
  7. Maha Laxmi Vilas Ras
  8. Maha laxmi vilasa rasa
  9. Maha laxmi vilasa Rasa gold
  10. Maha laxmivilas Ras (S.Y.)
  11. Maha manjishtaadi Kashaya
  12. Maha manjishtaadi Kashaya-
  13. Maha manjishtaadi kashyam Capsule
  14. Maha manjistadi Kashaya
  15. Maha manjistadi Kashaya-
  16. Maha manjisthadi arista
  17. Maha marichadi taila
  18. Maha Marichyadi Taila
  19. Maha Mash Taila
  20. Maha Mash Taila-